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Gemini Thailand’s Policies and procedures for processing visa and work permit applications

This information is provided as a guide to assist Assignees mobilizing to Thailand for employment with the visa application and immigration approval process.

The seconding agency (Gemini) is responsible for the coordination of the application process including assessment, support with preparation for application, guidance on submission and notification to the Client of visa approval and subsequent cancellation on Assignee departure.

The visa start date is dependent on the Assignee gaining and maintaining appropriate immigration status to both live and work in the Work Location.

Where applicable, eligibility for Accompanied Status is also dependent upon the Assignee’s Recognised Dependent Family gaining and maintaining appropriate immigration status to live in the Work Location country.

It is important to note that Thailand does not recognise de facto relationships and refuses dependent visas on this basis.

Specific guidance should be sought on a case by case basis if there is any concern regarding an Assignee’s or Assignee’s Recognised Dependent Family eligibility.

  • Sponsor

    The Assignee is sponsored by Gemini Personnel Recruitment Co., Limited. Gemini is responsible for ensuring Assignees have all the necessary visas and associated documentation required under Thai legislation.

  • Process

    The Visa/Work Permit process for Thailand typically occurs in two phases as per below. Please refer to the Process Map for a step-by-step outline. Note Thai Embassies operate independently in each country so each process can be different from each location where the application is made.

  • Work permit Assignee - country of residency

    • Apply at the Thai Embassy for Non-Immigrant B Visa in the current country of residency
    • Gemini supplies the applicant with all the supporting documentation either by courier or an online file sharing folder
    • Gemini guides the applicant through the process from start to finish.
    • On arrival to Thailand, the Non-Immigrant B Visa is transferred to a Work Permit and Long Term Visa (these run concurrently) and valid for twelve months each.

    Note: Approval of an advance work permit may be also required in the country of residency in connection to the Non-Immigrant B Visa application.

  • Recognized Dependent Family (of the applicant)

    • Apply at the Thai Embassy for a Non-Immigrant O Visa in the current country of residency,
    • On arrival to Thailand, the Non-Immigrant O Visa is transferred to a Long Term Visa (connected to the Assignee’s long term visa) valid for twelve months,
    • Only legally married Spouses may obtain a Non-O Visa, de facto relationships are not recognized. The surname of the child and parents must also be the same.

    * Non-western (Asian nationalities except Japanese and Singaporean) assignees must apply for the Work Permit (TM3) from the outset. This must be granted before applying for a Non-B visa. On arrival, Gemini then applies for a long-term visa.

    ** After obtaining Non-B Visa, Filipinos are to process an OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) at the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment before traveling to Thailand.

Process Map

Visas/Work permits are issued on a case by case basis. This procedure and associated timeframes are a guide only.



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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes because the sponsoring company (Gemini) is required to be a legally registered company in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Depending on the country where the Non-B application is made this process can take between one week to four weeks.

No, you need to obtain the correct visa status before you arrive in Thailand.

Thai Embassies require individuals who are making the Non-B visa application to do it in person. Your application will be fully supported with Gemini’s company documentation. Upon arrival to Thailand Gemini will then manage your work permit and long-term visa application and return your completed documents. back to you.

Once Gemini receives your passport we can turn your Non-B Visa into a Work-permit/ Long-term Visa usually within twenty-four hours.

Yes, Gemini will also provide you with a tax certificate at the end of each financial year.

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